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Visiting his parent’s leafy Betoota Heights home for dinner last night, Charlton Grosvenor thought he heard his father say ‘blockchain’ in passing conversation – so he asked him to repeat himself.

“What did you just say, Dad?”

When Ralf Grosvenor clarified what he said, the 26-year-old’s world began to shake.

Scoffing down the rest of his rare Filet Mignon, the popular salesman-by-day-turned-cryptocurrency-investor-by-night wondered to himself as his parents chatted in the kitchen how does his retired father know about blockchain.

He wanted to ask his father if he’s been looking into crypto but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Leaving shortly dessert, took the long way back to his trendy leased apartment in the Old City District along 13-Mile Road deep in thought.

“Maybe this is the top? If my Dad knows about cryptocurrency, it’s probably hit the mainstream. He was a merchant banker, though. But this is way too much,”

“I wonder if he’s bought any? Part of me hopes he has, part of me wishes he hasn’t.”

However, when our reporters spoke briefly with Mr Grosvenor, a former partner at one of the district’s premier and largest emerging market hedge funds, Desert Pea Strategic Advisory, he said he’s been around cryptocurrency for a long time.

Telling The Advocate that he often plays golf with former colleagues and friends in the finance industry and the whole cryptocurrency thing is old news to people in the game.

“It’s glorified gambling in a way,” he said.

“But yeah, I know about blockchain and all that. We moved a lot of money around for Goldman back in the day in and out of Russia using crypto. Fuck, we each put $50k into Bitcoin for a laugh over a decade ago. Why? You’ve spoken to Charlton have you?”

“Has he got money in crypto? Does he? Fuck me, it might be time sell up if he and his deadshit mates are getting into it.”

More to come.


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