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They’ve both been warned not to refer to the Royal Family as ‘human rubble’ and Jim Ross especially has been asked not to refer to Her Majesty The Queen as ‘the reigning champ’.

That’s just two small details in a long list of protocols the two former wrestling commentators need to follow this weekend as the present the American broadcast of the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

However, the plan was almost bushed yesterday after Lawler took to Twitter and suggested that Markle’s father might make a surprise appearance at the wedding.

In the now deleted tweet, the King said that he heard rumours that Thomas Markle might enter the Chapel from the roof via a wire – a la WCW’s  Sting or the late Owen Hart.

“That went down like a led balloon,” he laughed.

“They’ve also banned us from shouting. We asked what her entrance song was, I thought it was going to be Poison by Alice Cooper but the Palace informed me that it was some lame ass organ solo or something,”

“I’d never even heard of Prince Harry before they asked me and JR to do this. I did a bit of research on the Royal Family and they’ve done some dank shit in their time. Anyway, looking forward to this shit.”

Equally as chuffed, yet disappointed, was Jim Ross.

Arriving in England this morning, the explosive sports entertainment was less than impressed with what he’s seen so far.

“Everything here is so old,” he said.

“It’s like New York or Boston but worse. Hell, what am I saying? This is a great opportunity and I thank Fox for giving me and the King the chance to do this,”

“It’s great to get the band back together. I hope pedigrees Prince William through a table at the reception, though. That’d make my whole trip.”

More to come.




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