With his big day just around the corner, the increased paparazzi attention to Prince Harry has revealed that he’s actually not 100% safe of joining his brother William as a fellow chrome dome.

It is believed that his soon-to-be-wife Meghan Markle may not be aware of this ailment, as Prince Harry is a little bit taller than her, like a foot or so.

On Friday, Kensington Palace revealed the official press release for what’s sure to be the biggest event of the year, with plenty of new details on how the Prince and Ms Markle’s special day will go down.

It is believed that this date has been rushed forward so that Harry has a full head of hair in his photos, unlike his brother will who had to enforce a blanket ban on photos from the top floor of the church.

This alleged case of hair loss is cause for great concern to the monarchy, as his Prince William was often joked about as being the ideal face for the Royal Family, until his hair started falling out and he ended up looking like a commercial aeroplane pilot.

However, it is believed that Harry’s previous bad boy status is enough for the media to avoid completely avoid him when he goes bald. Also the fact that his fiancè was on suits.



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