The people of Rajasthan in Northern India have today paid tribute to their favourite Bond actor, by doing what he loved. Wheelies in tuktuks.

British actor Roger Moore, who took secret agent James Bond to the subcontinent, died on Tuesday aged 89, his family have confirmed.

Moore played the role of James Bond for 12 years, adding to the character a never before seen level of sophistication, as well as an appetite for danger, sex and curry.

While Bond fans the world over pay their respects in their own ways, the Indian Lake City of Udaipur have paid tribute to the man that changed their economy forever.

The 13th entry to the Bond films, Octopussy (1983) is credited with putting Northern India on the map as a tourist hotspot, so much so that the late Roger Moore has now recieved cult lake status in the region.

Tuk-tuk and rickshaw drivers right across the city are reportedly doing wheelies in their cabs today, in a tribute to the action-packed scene that sees Bond following a general who is stealing jewels and relics from the Soviet government through a packed Indian street market.This leads him to a wealthy Afghan prince, Kamal Khan, and his associate, Octopussy. Bond uncovers a plot to force disarmament in Europe with the use of a nuclear weapon.

One local said “This is the man that taught us you could do wheelies in tuktuks”

“We will miss him greatly” he said, before breaking out into the 007 theme song with his pungi snake charmer flute



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