24 October 2016. 11:25


Mining magnate Gina Rinehart has been spotted in regional Shanghai teaching members of her Chinese joint venture partnership how to ride horses and push cattle as she prepares to buy an iconic collection pastoral land in northern and central Australia.

This comes after the announcement of an all-Australian syndicate putting forward $386 million for the Kidman cattle empire, outbidding her initial offer. However, the fact that Ms Rhinehart has been trumped has not stopped her preparations for takeover.

Witnesses say Australia’s richest woman was seen teaching several Chinese investors how to ride horses and swear about the lack of rain.

“They were learning how to call livestock ‘bastards’ and cook kangaroo meat,” said Brian, a bloke who witnessed the horse riding lessons.

It is believed the mining heiress said she was going to make ‘real ringers’ out of the businessmen and kept berating them for not tightening up their reigns.

“Lean forward you silly pricks. Get on top of the bastard. You aren’t gonna be cut in the bush if you ride like that,”

“Don’t worry about being thrown, tell her where you want her to go. Don’t be a sook!”

The Kidman board is required to consider any offer that is higher or superior to the one on the table, but the Hancock-Shanghai team would have a right to match any rival bid should it gain foreign investment approval – which leads people to believe Ms Rhinehart has been told to up the prices by her friends in both Federal and State Government.




  1. Gina on a horse – never. Although she can ride she would need a Clydesdale to ride with the Chinese.

    She could not fit into jeans and a Kaftan or tent dress would show too much of her “thunder thighs” on a horse.

    I can’t see Gina being beaten with her bid for Kidman, with former Minister Sophia Mirrabella in one corner and good mate Barnaby in the other Malcolm will have no option but to rubber stamp it.

  2. Is this a complete piss-take? Let’s ignore, for the moment, the odd notion that Gina Rinehart would personally instruct a bunch of novices in the art of horse riding, let alone how to wrangle cattle.
    Instead, let’s take close look at the image that headlines this article. Gina is either MUCH taller than I thought she was, or she’s working with pygmy riders and horses. Oh, and if you’re going to Photoshop an image of the woman into an outdoor scene, at least make the effort to change the lighting on her from what is very obviously an interior shot.
    Epic fail, Betoota Advocate.


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