Two supporting female characters in a film set in an era where women aren’t encouraged to speak openly in front of men have just shared secret information while dressing each other, it has been confirmed.

The crucial dialogue shared between the two women, which has proven pivotal to the plot, has been offered nonchalantly by one of the characters who doesn’t seem to have aware of the greater drama taking place in their fictional universe.

It is clear that one of the women has just had an epiphany that adds context to the rest of the drama.

A recent report by IMDB has found that majority of plot loopholes in contemporary fantasy and renaissance films have been plugged by two female characters sharing information with each other in corset-tightening scenes.

“Questions surrounding romance, class-warfare, military strategy and dark personal secrets are most easily answered by an unaware female character who has spent a lot more time listening, and potentially eavesdropping, than the overly macho male protagonists” says the report.

“This dialogue is most commonly shared while both women are looking into an old fashioned mirror in a quiet bedroom, completely devoid of the pressures of the chaos taking place outside”




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