The undeniably rise of road accidents in small town’s that don’t have any gay people can be directly attributed to the smug and irrational arguments for gay marriage, it has been confirmed.

After already making headlines for yesterday’s column in the Daily Telegraph which linked Sydney City’s strong support for the YES campaign, and a Court inquest into suicides in remote Aboriginal communities in February – Miranda Devine has once again proven how long her bow is, in her quest to appeal to people who feel oppressed by two men pashing in public.

“Gays, and their equally sinful straight allies, just don’t care about everyday Australians dying on our roads” writes Miranda Devine

“It’s pretty clear that since this whole debate has started, we have seen a monstrous rise in road deaths in towns where people feel like politicians are useless and that minorities get more attention paid to them”

“Essentially, as a Daily Telegraph reader, that means you are at risk of dying on our roads – purely because the gay population want their cake and want to eat it as well”

“It’s just shameful”

However, local lesbian, Shazza, says she takes nothing but extreme precautions when getting around town in her Subaru station wagon – and can’t believe she’s being blamed for this shit.

“I haven’t been in an accident in me whole loife (sic)” she says.

“This has noithing to do woith us”

“Tell Miranda to come down to the Bedourie indoor hockey courts if she’s got a problem with me”



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