31 October, 2016 10:15


A boatful of obedient Asylum Seeker families, currently drifting through the Arafura sea, have shown a commendable level of respect this morning – by turning their leaking wooden vessel around and heading back to their war-torn homelands.

Yesterday, the Australian Minister for Immigration, Peter Dutton, made it clear that stateless, war-weary boat humans would never be welcome in Australia – a message that was heard loud and clear by the exhausted and helpless men, women and children currently braving the elements to find asylum in Australia.

Dutton has stated that the new law would cover those who tried to reach Australia by boat from mid-July 2013, and would block them from obtaining any visa, including tourist and business visas.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate this morning, stateless father of six, Ronald (33) says he’s disappointed Australia wasn’t keen to host them, but he understands.

“It’s a damn shame, that’s what it is,” he said.

“Australia seemed so nice and welcoming, but I guess that they need to look after their own backyard first,”

“I guess we’ll just go back to the Middle East and see where we end up after being pinballed through the Gulf States.

“Maybe we’ll have another crack at Australia in a couple months when they have a new Prime Minister. That’s if my entire family hasn’t died from exposure…”

“… or hasn’t been murdered by a religious regime that that wants to cut my head off because I have a university education,”

Peter Dutton MP, a former police officer from Brisbane, says his understanding of global-socio-economic issues, means that he feels no guilt when he makes big decisions like this.

“I worked the beat in Red Hill for over twenty years, believe me, I have a pretty fair understanding of the human condition. And my understanding is that these people can just find somewhere else to go,”

“Australia doesn’t have the resources to look after a boatful of these people. They will take our jobs and our corner store franchises,”

Mr Dutton said the legislation met all international obligations currently in place and the advice given to the Government was clear.

“Mate, this Australia. Not bloody Venice. There’s just too many boats for us to handle,”


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