Entrepreneur and renewable energy guru, Elon Musk has today revealed more details of his ambitious plans to establish humanity’s first colony on Mars, as well as cars that can dri

In a scientific paper, the SpaceX billionaire says the only way of attracting Australians to buy driverless cars is to create a vehicle able to not be deterred by the dumb arse kangaroos that grace our roads.

“These things don’t know whether they are coming or fucking going” he said.

“Our cars will be designed to recognise the difference between a kangaroo and other, more likable animals”

“For example, if a big ol’ golden retriever appears out of nowhere on the Kamiliroi highway in the middle of the night, our cars will either pull over or break… If it’s a kangaroo, however, there will be no stopping”

While Elon Musk has already been faced with backlash from animal-rights activists who secretly worship him, he says the rates of kangaroo collisions in Australia is too damn high to warrant them any kind of special treatment.

“According to the NRMA, there were more than 16,000 collisions with roos last year. Are you fucking kidding me?”

“We’ve gotta put bullbars on these things too by the sounds of it”


  1. I thought i would never say this about something elon said being a big supporter (send defender) for ages, but what a fucked comment. We love roos and our native fauna. If this is meant to be a general statement aussies are meant to laugh and agree with you are way off the mark. We are mostly urban people that never run into roos. Know who your market are your not a fuck head. Surely you realise it’s environmentalists that are the first to line up and but your goods. This is a big kick in the balls


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