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A friendly, approachable poon had his faith in the Sydney Swans restored last night, prompting him to renew his expired membership in the fledgeling team.

Peter Willmott, a Sydney-based middle manager, said now that his team is back in the top eight, he’s more than willing to get the plastic out.

“I actually was watching the game last night on television, but I went to bed early because they were losing,” said the 32-year-old.

“When I woke up this morning, literally everyone on my social media was going bananas about it. It’s so fucking grouse, I love the Swans. Fuck yeah, boys!”

Willmott was once known for his fanatical support of the harbour capital side, but after their early season performance let him down time and time again, his interest began to wane.

However, now that things are ‘back to where they should be’, the former private school boy got his mother to handwash his old scarf and beanie in anticipation for the next home game.

“Maybe if they beat whoever they’re playing next week, I might travel with the lads out to a game. But that’s a big might.”

More to come.


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