One of Brisbane’s fifteen stockbrokers says he is currently not confident enough in the Wallabies slight lead over Italy at halftime today. He says he’s worried their choppy performance could greatly affect his share portfolio.

Scott Boulster-Fairfield is taking this half time break to check up on share prices within his print copy of the Australian Business Review.

“I’m just auditing my portfolio to ensure I’m in not invested in any company that sponsor the Wallabies” he says.

“Qantas, HSBC, Swisse… I’ve had a finger in all those pies and I’m concerned they are investing correctly”

“A lot of money has gone into these jerseys and… I’m just not seeing the value at the moment”

“Don’t get me wrong. I am a devout fan of the Game They Play In Heaven… I’m just terrified might be a bit of a blackhole for investment” he says.

The 27-year-old fourth-generation Ascot resident says his love for the Wallabies is not something that is overprioritised that often, but when it comes to finances… Something has got to give.

“I don’t think pouring money into a venture like this is the right thing to be doing right now for these companies…”

“Consumer confidence is low enough as it is, we don’t want to be worsening that by associating it with our international football player confidence, and fan confidence”

“As for the ARU, these boarding schools really need to up their game”



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