16 December, 2015 14:45


After the loss of their father, a desperate Armenian-American family were forced to sell and distribute a video of their middle daughter having sex in a hotel room, in order to survive – it has been confirmed.

“They were forced to.. It was their only option. If they hadn’t sold that video when they did, they would have starved,” says a close friend of the family.

Originally referred to as the Kardaschoff family (prior to ‘Americanising’ the name) – the now famous dynasty of socialites and porn stars escaped the Armenian genocide in the Middle East by migrating to America via Turkey.

A successful criminal laywer, their late father was the only college-educated member of the entire family. After his death in 2003, there was very little for his children.

“When Robert [the father] died, his daughters were forced to hypersexualise themselves in order to survive” says Oskar Maniel, a social worker who was assigned to their household when they were just a poor Middle Eastern family living in The Valley.

“It was a very tragic turn of events that these young women were forced to miss out on a proper education because of their class status,”

“They could have been academics, or talented, if they weren’t forced to sell themselves the way they did”



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