16 December, 2015 17:45


Local nightclub bouncer, Roddy Blake, spent a good part of last night forcefully removing patrons from the venue he is employed by.

“Smoking, spitting, swearing, rowdy behaviour… That’s a pretty good indicator that it’s time for you to get ‘pretzeled’ out of the place,”

While Mr Blake acknowledges the importance of his job, he also recognises that he probably would not be allowed anywhere near this venue, if he wasn’t employed there.

“Mate, If I wasn’t working here… I wouldn’t know how to act,”

“The stuff I’m kicking people out for, that’s all I know… What the fuck do you do in a pub if you aren’t allowed to drink, smoke and fight,”

“There is no way my mates would be allowed in here,”

“This is a pretty respectable venue for Betoota. People like me don’t belong here. Unless I’m being paid to keep people like me out,”


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