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The Catalan Independence Movement drastically changed this morning as bombshell revelations came to light.

The separatist movement which has long sought to break away from the Kingdom of Spain, has this morning publicly called for the whole thing to be forgotten.

Only days after huge clashes between around 700,000 Catalans and police took place, the President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont has asked for the result of the Referendum on Independence be set aside.

“Ah we have today realised that our beloved Barcelona football team would be kicked out of La Liga, and as such we have spoken with King Felipe and informed him that we are willing to remain as part of Spain,” he said.

Official results have not yet been released from Sunday’s referendum but there is a strong belief that the result would have been in favour of breaking away.

Puigdemont spoke candidly to the Advocate in his exclusive only interview with the Australian media, explaining the moment he realised that Barca wouldn’t be part of arguably the best football league in world.

“Si, ahhhhh I realise that we would be kicked out of La Liga and nobody here wants that. There are lots of important issues but football here is life. Sort of like Rugby League to the people of your area. I ask King Felipe, can we leave but still play with you guys?”

“At this point, King Felipe realise he has me by balls so to speak, and says “No.” So I say fuck you and the Galacticos (Real Madrid) can we please then stay?”


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