As the UK becomes the first country in Europe to pass 100,000 coronavirus-related deaths, the people of ‘Great Britain’ are beginning to come to terms with the fact that the bumbling fool they elected, might actually be a bumbling fool.

The realisation comes after the leader who prides himself on looking like a dad who has just woken up and hurriedly put a suit on spends another week fumbling around with policy to try and curb this virus that’s claimed a full MCG worth of lives in his Kingdom.

The bumbling fool elected British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson now says he is “deeply sorry” after the UK recorded another 20,000 cases yesterday.

That’s lead to his constituents realising that waffling around conversations, meetings, and briefings because he hasn’t gotten himself up to speed on subject matter maybe isn’t the best way of dealing with the deadly virus that’s crippled huge swathes of the world.

“Yeah I mean, I guess the writing was on the wall when Boris called for herd immunity then backflipped on the idea a short time later,” sighed one locked down resident.

“I thought maybe the bumbling idiot thing was just a bit of marketing.”

“But it seems like maybe he’s just not equipped to lead 67 million people.”

“Who would have thought.”


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