Former well-liked Hollywood icons, Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein have today taken the opportunity to tell the world that they are gay, in an attempt to quell the media attention surrounding their respective non-gay sexual harassment and abuse  allegations within the industry.

The seemingly protected and well-known actions of both men over the course of several decades have seen their public profiles decline in popularity recently, as the world comes to learn of the fact that they used their positions of power in the entertainment industry to do what they wanted with other people’s bodies.

“Yep. Sorry about all that. I’m also gay” said Harvey Weinstein in a PR-heavy public admission via Twitter.

“I originally went for the whole ‘lets talk about Las Vegas thing’ – but I think I might just tell everyone I’m gay to change the whole conversation about me and my actions”

Bill Cosby echoed Weinstein’s sentiments.

“Yeah, I’m gay too. Even though these allegations had nothing to do with homosexuality – I just thought I should slip it in there and give you something else to throw around” said Cosby.

“Seriously though. I bet you didn’t expect this response. Kind of a weird time to bring it up hey”










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