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Yet another cosmopolitan was sighed heavy into at Romano’s Club last night as Molly Rawlins realised the man her friends set her up with is ‘just another muggle.’

Stopping short of declaring herself as a wizard, the 25-year-old finance worker said she uses the term ‘muggle’ to describe people that aren’t like her and her friends.

A popular spot for first dates, Romano’s (which sits atop the Betoota Dolphins Leagues Club on Medusa Avenue) offers great discounts on food and beverages as well as trivia on Monday nights – which is why Rawlins suggested it in the first place.

“I like to organise these things on trivia nights, so I can get a good gauge on how cluey a bloke is,” she said.

“But aside from getting almost everything wrong and not really wanting to talk about anything other than himself, I came to the conclusion early on the piece that my date was a bit of a muggle,”

“He’s nice and fairly harmless but he’s a big old cup of milky tea. People who put milk in their tea should be lobotomized. It’s disgusting. Last night makes me question whether my friends ”

However, the grass was much greener on Matthew Wallis’ side of the trivia fence.

Jumping at the opportunity to spend an evening with Ms Rawlins, the same-aged architectural student said he enjoyed her company and that she was ‘very clever’.

But he stopped short of saying he’d like to see her again.

“She’s really intimidating,” he said.

“Like, I’d try to say something or suggest another thing and she’d just raise her eyebrows and say, ‘cool’. Maybe she thinks I’m a bit of a muggle?”

“And the trivia night was a bad idea, I should’ve have agreed to that. I’ve been in university for 6 years, how much do you think I know about the real world? Nothing!”

More to come.


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