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“Are they the same back home?” asked one of Sam Davidson’s colleagues.

He nods.

“Yeah, but it’s pretty hard to fuck up hot milk and coffee, though. However, a lot of places here seem to make a living doing it.”

The 27-year-old left his Betoota Ponds home shortly after graduating university and moved to The Big Apple, where he hoped to find himself.

While he openly admits he hasn’t quite discovered who he is as a person yet, he says he’s been asked if he’s been to Manhattan institution, Two Hands, more than once.

Over the weekend, he met two work friends there for a quick catchup to prepare for a presentation this week – despite all of them living in Brooklyn.

“Oi, but yeah nah. I’ve get hit up about Two Hands all the time. People ask me if it’s good and I just say yeah, it’s pretty good. You should go there and have a flat white, they’re grouse. Just like you’d get in Australia,”

“To which most of my American coworkers just kinda nod and say they’ll go there for a flat white. I think it’s the only tangible connection most people in this fucking city to Australia and Australian culture – whatever that is. I don’t mind, it’s just funny how much I get asked about the place.”

The Advocate reached out to a number of Sam’s colleagues, who were able to confirm that they went to Two Hands on his recommendation and ultimately enjoyed themselves.

More to come.


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