Despite a bold performance by our very own Isaiah Firebrace at the Eurovision Song Contest grand final in Kiev last night – Australian organisers have today confirmed that they are actually going to send a sure bet next year.

Isaiah looked a little nervous during his internationally broadcasted gig as he negotiated the pressure of following in the footsteps of our previous representatives Guy Sebastian and Dami Im.

Performing at the contetst has apparently been a dream of his which since he watched Jessica Mauboy perform as a special guest at the 2014 competition in Copenhagen.

Organisers from the Australian chapter of the contest say that they realise how lucky our country is to somehow be involved in this competition, which until 2014 was actually only for Europe and Israel.

“We know how important this competition is” said Minister for Defence and Eurovision selector, Christopher Pyne MP

“Which is why next year we are going to bring the heat. Isaiah was a good option for us to play safe… But no more Mr Nice Guy”

“Next year we are going to blow this thing out of the water”

Pyne says the Eurovision office may as well start engraving ‘Australia 2018’ on the trophy, because nobody is going to be able to outdo Dubbo rock band Thirsty Merc.

“I don’t know what songs they’ll play, but I reckon ‘summertime’ will be a hit, either that or ’emancipate myself'”

“Europe isn’t going to know what hit them. It’s gonna be like taking a drone strike to a knife fight”


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