A local woman is very well aware that she isn’t number one priority, after closely monitoring her phone activity since she first saw the ‘read’ icon on her phone text messenger app, close to 33 minutes ago.

What’s worse is that she saw the three dots pop up a couple times as well.

“It’s like, I know you saw it” she says, with a disarming tone.

“And it’s not a big deal”

Men and woman around the country have long been victims of the ‘read’ or ‘seen’ icons in text messenger services, with many claiming that they heard you could turn it off – but they don’t know how.

Not only have both blossoming and steady relationships been affected by the smartphone feature that lets you know when someone is ignoring you – but friendships as well – as pressing matters like ‘what are you wearing tonight’ or ‘when do I pick you up’ are often left to sit.

After initially appearing like she was avoiding confrontation in the early stages of a crush that has been showing signs of turning into something semi-official, she couldn’t help but continue with the topic.

“Like, if you don’t have the time for me and stuff. Like, that’s OK”

“I just want to know”


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