A local mother-of-three who makes upwards of $32,000 every month working for 5 minutes every day from home, has spoken about her shock and disappointment that no one else wants to learn how to do it.

“I just don’t get it” said Thelma Thole, 49, of Wagga Wagga. “I’ve put out countless ads on Facebook and the internet about how it’s really easy to learn how to make this much money in such a short period of time, and with such little work, but no one wants to listen!”

“Every time I email someone about it, even my close friends and family members, they just respond by saying ‘lol spam’ or by reporting me to the police! Do they not want to learn this one simple trick?? It’s so simple!!”

When asked about how she came about such a role, Mrs. Thole stated that she got the job after sending several of her credit card numbers, bank details, and her TFN to a undisclosed yahoo email address.

‘I knew I could trust them because it was on Yahoo”, she said, “and that’s one of the ones I recognised”. “The next day, I got an email and the checks started rolling in!”

Mrs. Thole is not the only case of someone facing bewildering backlash in the face of gracious generosity. A recent case out of Nigeria involved Folagbade Olateru Olagbegi III, the current ruler of the city of Owo, offering millions of people around the world a chance to share in his wealth, only to have no one take him up on the offer.

“It’s like, being a prince doesn’t even count for anything any more”.


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