Famous for being stuck in its ways, the advertising industry should hold its head high today as a new ad for Health Insurance Betoota features every day Australians who are just like you!

The 30-second advert serves as a kaleidoscope of private healthcare users and features a bi-racial family packing for a holiday, a young aboriginal man in uniform smiling outside a police station, a woman in a hijab completing a marathon, a mixed-race children’s basketball team in a celebratory huddle and an older gay couple who are almost kissing but not quite.

“That part I found particularly touching because I am old and gay too,” stated local old gay man Williard White (66).

“It’s very touching to think that they remained silent on an issue that plagued me my entire life but are suddenly very accepting of my lifestyle now that everyone else is. So cute.”

Response on social media has been overwhelmingly positive with the exception of One Nation party leader Senator Pauline Hanson who called the ad ‘heartwarming and disgusting’ and is demanding more white representation in Australian advertising.

Senator Hanson aside, many Australians have been incredibly touched by this sentiment and no one is more proud than Health Insurance Victoria’s straight white CEO, Peter Egan.

“Our message to all Australians is that no matter who you are, Health Insurance Betoota will always be accepting you and your weekly contributions.”

“Unless you ever need to make a claim or even just call us over the phone. Haha, good luck with that!”


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