Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has won over a coveted voter demographic over the weekend, after footage emerged of him chugging a can of beer in front of the cameras.

It is believed to have taken place from the hill, while the MP was politicin’ in the crowd at a Northern Beaches rugby union derby between Manly Marlins and the Warringah Rats.

The footage was posted to Instagram by online meme lords Brown Cardigan, making reference to another former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who is remembered as being much more capable of drinking beer fast.

The vision, which is reminiscent of a old neighbourhood wino showing off at a suburban train station, is believed to have done wonders for Abbott – as he works to secure the support of his not-very-diverse electorate leading into a possible Federal Election.

Analysts say that by sculling a can of beer on the hill at the Manly V Warringah rugby union match, Mr Abbott is polling remarkably well with the crucial ‘sons of bankers’ demographic, who are known for swing voting.

“I, ahhhh, just got caught up in the moment” said Abbott.

“I’ve always been my own man, but being shouted at by nearly a hundred pissed twenty somethings can make a man cave”

“It’s good to know I have the support of these young gentlemen and their fathers leading into the next election, which could happen at any moment because Turnbull is a much worse leader than I was”


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