Local woman, Wendy Laidley (58) has never ever seen a Sudanese person in real life, but she says from what she’s seen on the news, coming out of one of these cities down south, they are absolutely out of control.

The 2007 death of a nearby Polish-born cafe-owner, Zuzzanna, meant that everyone within 1000 kilometres of Wendy’s was officially Australian-born. Except for maybe the Indian bloke who works for the flying doctor, but he’s never around for long.

While Wendy admits that she’s only ever met one Muslim person before – (a cab driver that took her to a P!nk concert when she was in Brisbane in 2009) – from what she’s been reading in the newspaper, she’s lucky to be here.

She says she can’t believe the inner city lefties in places like Sydney and Toowoomba don’t want the government to do something about all of these bludgers that keep getting in.

“I’m absolutely fed up with these immigrants” she roars while eating a corn beef sandwich with lettuce and drinking a bushells tea.

“They contribute nothing! Everything you see on the news is about them. It’s like there aren’t even any Aussies committing crimes”

“They are bludgers too! It’s not like they are moving here and opening up corner stores and driving cabs. They are just bludging on the dole. Australians don’t do that!”

With a state election around the corner, Wendy is going to give the 200,000+ immigrants that arrive in Australia each year, who she has never met or had anything to do with, a piece of her mind.

“Pauline all the way” she says.

“She’s the only one who says what we are thinking out here in Thabakobourke”

“We are fed up with all this stuff we see on the news! Stop letting them in”

However, Wendy’s husband, Jamie (58) has quite a different take.

“I don’t watch any of that rot with the bald-headed Kochie cunt in the mornings” he says.

“I’m not on the face-book either so I couldn’t really give a fuck about what she’s been reading”

“In my opinion, If any of these poor brown pricks know how to hang a door and dig holes. Send ’em out here”

“I’m just about fed up with these little ice junkie townies I’ve got working for me”





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