John Greeves (61) is aware that there are many factors that led to his current state of homelessness.

The GFC, an expensive and overly vindictive divorce with his wife of twenty years. And Darryl fucking Somers.

The winter months is when this lifelong regret really starts to kick in. His stupid decision to not accept the Holiday Day House at Noosa and opt to instead ‘plucka duck’.

“Look the drinking and gambling didn’t help. But If Somers hadn’t fucking sold me on the mystery prize I’d probably at least have somewhere to live right now”

John is one of many jaded former Hey Hey It’s Saturday Contestants. He says appearing on the long-running variety television program in 1997 was the start of his bad string of luck.

“I ended up with a fucking set of kitchen knives! That unit in Noosa would be worth $3m in today’s market” he says.

“And that smartarse Red Symons had the hide to give me a gong after I blew it”




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