Local apptreprenuer, Rowan Fairfax (27) says his ice cream toppings delivery app should be going live in a year or so, but can’t exactly say when.

While even he admits that his ‘career’ is a little bit complex for most, he has taken to not even attempting to explain to his parents what he does.

“My parents generation can’t understand this game” he says

It appears the seemingly effortless, but extremely lucrative, narrative surrounding apps like Snapchat and Instagram appeals greatly to young affluent Australians – who feel that entering the world of tech-start-ups should be just as easy as the rest of their lives have been.

“Sure it’s cost a bit of money, but the returns are usually fucking epic. I’ll send you some articles”

“I’ve carved off a pretty specific part of the market and the projected outcomes have been measured up against the optimised algorithms of several channels that cater to an easily disrupt-able demographic of key audience behaviours”

“I just need to find a developer”


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