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After multiple weekend benders, local girls Amber and Chelsea have made the resolute decision to have a wholesome movie night in – for the sake of their wallet, their skin and their poor, feeble stomachs, which had taken the brunt of their hedonistic behaviour.

After one particularly wild Saturday night that left them coming down so hard they’d taken turns crying during brunch, the girls made a pact to pick up their behaviour and find joy in something other than drugs and alcohol.

Though they agreed they likely weren’t the type of people to attend a farmers market early sunday morning, they could meet in the middle and unwind with just ONE bottle of wine. While watching chick flicks of course.

“This is so nice!”, says Amber, as she settles in to watch She’s The Man, “it’s good to have a break from going out. Honestly, I spent about $300 last weekend, I can’t afford this shit.”

“Can you imagine what I could buy if I stayed home more?”

Nodding in agreement, Chelsea says she reckons she’s getting too old to go clubbing now anyway.

“I’m sick of seeing eighteen year olds, it’s so depressing.”

“I think I want to do dinner parties or like, nice bars?”

“Focus on experiences, instead of getting fuck eyed.”

Settling in for their Channing Tatum marathon, the girls are said to have gotten to 9pm, before they’d abandoned the movie to scroll on their phones.

“Ooooh, there’s a Doja Cat appreciation night going on at Nitespot.”

“Stop are you serious…are there any tickets left?”

More to come.


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