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At the time of writing, the full extent of the damage caused by floods in SE Queensland and Northern NSW is yet to be fully assessed as the ongoing floods continue to destroy businesses, homes and displace thousands of people.

Despite the devastation however, it has provided an opportunity for the region’s jet ski owners to feel justified in their purchase as they shred their way through waterlogged garages and flooded streets with the breeze in their hair.

One such jet skier is Serg Ronchi (44) who was beginning to think his jet ski was a stupid purchases after hardly getting any use out of it during this rainy summer. 

However, now that his suburb resembles the Kevin Costner classic Waterworld (1995) Ronchi states he feels vindicated in his $22k purchase, which does not include licence and rego fees.

“Comes in handy now doesn’t it?” mused Ronchi as he sped down his unseasonably watery street, past his neighbours flooded and ultimately inferior ‘land vehicles.’

“Haven’t heard the wife mentioned how stupid I was to purchase it this week,” he laughed.


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