After a few years laying relatively low, Tom Waterhouse is floating around again.

The son of famous trainer Gai Waterhouse isn’t popping up on people’s TV during every commercial break like he used to, but is slowly growing on the periphery with some random ads here and there.

The bookmaker who used to market himself on knowing what punters want, has been running a more subtle advertising campaign than previous years, appearing in the odd mindless Facebook scroll every now and then.

This time he’s back with a bunch of girls in bikinis, obviously trying his best at pitching himself as some sort of Dan Bilzerian or Candyman-style playboy.

The resurfacing has lead many around the country to ask “What the fuck is this bloke up to now?” in an obviously suspicious tone.

One Betoota Heights resident named Mark Ford, who doesn’t mind a dabble on a few faceless gambling apps, spoke to us about Tom’s face appearing in his feed.

“What’s that little prick up to?” Ford said to us.

“I mean obviously, it’s something to do with fleecing punters like me, but I’m not sure what it is exactly,” he said.

“He better not fucking push it though. He’d struggle to find some who doesn’t hate him after that blitz he did a few years ago, so he better not pull the piss.”

It is not yet understood where Waterhouse is hoping to pivot to next with all these silly photos of him hanging out with farm animals and bikini models, but the public are once again urging John Singleton to give the man another clip on the ear.



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