In a weird turn of events today, a free-spirited Fremantle boy who looks like he doesn’t mind a bit of Australian psychedelic rock music has made the sensational claim that he doesn’t know any of the boys from Tame Impala or Pond.

Ballantyne Docker (32) claims to be as Freo as they come, even going as far as not refusing to holiday outside of Western Australia, despite the occasional $50 fire sale flights to Bali on Jet star.

However, one could be forgiven for thinking he is a liar, considering he hasn’t ever bumped into Kevin Parker at a gig. Or Gumbo, or Nick or Jay or any of those fellas.

According to a recent report by the ABS, over 75% of Fremantle residents between the ages of 6 and 80 years of age, have at one point met a member of Australia’s multi-instrumentalist psychedelia pub scene.

30% of all residents claim to be on first name terms with ‘the boys’ and some 60% have all got a story about how their brother’s mate was the lesser known member of this particular scene.

However, when it comes to Ballantyne Docker, none of these statistics apply. Which is very weird. Considering he has long hair and enjoys watching live music.

“Freo is actually a pretty big place” says Mr Docker.

“Like, there’s heaps of different bands”



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