According to a recent survey of tourists visiting the Victorian capital, it appears that every single restaurant in Melbourne does things a little differently, if you haven’t been there before.

Out of a sample of 20,000 holidayers from out-of-state and overseas, 95% confirmed they have not visited a Melbourne dining establishment that doesn’t do things a bit differently.

The term ‘differently’ could be used to describe a restaurant that pairs exorbitantly expensive wine with food, against your will, or worse yet, a complete lack of menus – leaving the manager completely in charge of your experience – unless of course you have allergies.

Of the 50,000 restaurants in metropolitan Melbourne, only 1,505 were willing to host patrons without telling them that they might find things a bit different if they haven’t been there before.

The study finds that the recent trend of Melbourne restaurants being different is believed to be more about the waiters telling diners how different it is.

One tourist, Ken Pearson from Betoota’s South says there’s he’s surprised at how much of an emphasis is put on how different these restaurants are.

“I mean, it’s not that different” he said.

“I mean, it’s just the same as to going to a regional Chinese restaurant when your pissed and just getting the old bloke that runs the show to make decisions for you”


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