Local hardware supplies and sales account director, Anthony Rahmond experienced an uncomfortable workplacescenario this morning.

Shortly after consuming his International Roast in a paper cup, the young man strolled off to the toilets to slice up his morning colon loaf, as is tradition.

However, whilst his “paid poo’s” are normally a pleasant mixture of sighing and scrolling through Facebook, the first few minutes of this morning’s session were spent thinking about who had kindly warmed the seat for him.

“It was very very warm mate. The bloke before me must have literally just got off,” he said.

“the warmth stretched right across the seat. He must have been a large unit”

“Ahhh man, it wasn’t nice. I couldn’t help playing over in my head what had happened just before I went in there.”

Raymond said that he did feel some form of self-satisfaction after leaving the cubicle however, as he watched one of the blokes from the Landscaping area walk in there shortly after him.


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