Several Victorians have ignored the countless weather warnings and decided to step outside wearing pluggers as heavy rain hit the Melbourne on Saturday evening, causing flash floods and hundreds of calls to emergency services.

The storm front hit the state on Friday, with the northeast the worst affected as Euroa, Myrtleford and the Buckland Valley faced severe flooding.

“We believe up to sixteen people had a double blow out over the weekend” said Premier Daniel Andrew.

“And no, I don’t mean they got pissed on both Friday and Saturday, I mean they blew the plug on both their thongs at once”

“You know, it gets to the point where you can only warn the public so much. If people are stupid enough to walk outside in thongs in this kind of weather…  I guess it’s up to Darwin”

There were more than 1300 call outs to the emergency services overall with 133 thong-related mishaps received by the control centre in just an hour from 5.30pm.

“We think after that the main low will move away and we will just see showery, cool weather through most of the state for the remainder of Sunday,” Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Scott Williams said.

Premier Daniel Andrews urged all Victorians to stay vigilant and look after each other, particularly those in the flood-threatened centres.

“Thongs don’t float that well, and if you get a bit of water on tiles, you can really slide around” he said.

“Look after eachother”


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