While some of us rush to get our holiday packing done, traveller Lindsey Khoury (32) prepares for her getaways well in advance.

Her latest piece of preparation being a neck pillow she placed on her shoulders nine hours before her flight was due to take off.

While in the line for baggage check-in, Khoury was seen wearing the neck pillow, despite having room for it in her carry-on luggage.

“I don’t want it to squish the snacks I’ve brought or dog-ear the book I have with me, which I, of course, have read in advance, just to make sure I will enjoy it.”

When asked as to why she was wearing her neck pillow nine hours before the flight was due to leave, Khoury assured us that she actually began wearing the neck pillow last night, so she definitely wouldn’t forget it.

“I don’t have to think about it, or rummage through my bag to find it on the flight, it’s already there. No one complains because they are relaxed too early into a holiday do they?”

Khoury’s husband, Joshua Khoury (29), said his wife’s over-preparedness has always been a trait of hers, citing the time she planned their wedding seating arrangements during their first date or when she began quizzing her younger brother on how to pass his provisional license test at three years old.

“She’s just eager and wants everything to work out for the best. Even if she does look a bit silly doing it sometimes.”

Despite her husband’s gentle criticism, Khoury maintains she does not look silly but instead looks very relaxed as she waits in a 40-minute long check-in line with a sleeping device strapped to her neck.

Unfortunately, the interview was cut short when Khoury put on her noise cancelling headphones hours before her two-hour flight to Adelaide was due to leave.


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