Uni student and aspiring P-plater, Arthur Wickens (19) takes great pride in the presentation of his dorm room.

The centrepiece of which is a copy of Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 transgressive fiction novel, Fight Club, which looks really cool, even though Wickens has not read it yet.

“I got it in a second-hand bookshop. It’s got the original cover before the movie came out. Seminal, isn’t it?”

Speaking exclusively with The Advocate we asked Wickens about the primary differences between the film and book versions of Fight Club.

Wickens joked “Well the film has Brad Pitt!” before showing us the other features in his room such as his Bob Marley flag and empty bottles of all the foreign beers he has drunk.

Ultimately, Wickens admitted to The Advocate that he had not actually read Fight Club, confirming rumours circulated by Wicken’s Dungeon Master, Jesse Meek.

“Apparently, masculinity is a big theme in the book so, we don’t need to bring one another down and I don’t need to act cool to impress people. Even if this copy of Fight Club makes me look cool.”

Despite not having read the book, Wickens says just owning a copy that is visible in his dorm room has had a massive effect on his life.

“D’you know, I’m just a different, cooler guy now. Thinking maybe I’ll even start my own Fight Club and tell everyone I know about it to raise awareness!”


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