A group of Australian workers has today revoked their coveted essential worker status, and headed home to lockdown this afternoon.

The huge decision comes for a significant number of tradesman, who handed in their essential worker cards late this morning after a single drop of rain landed on their union run sight.

With lockdowns and outbreaks all to common, tradies have been lucky enough to keep essential worker status all the way through this thing, but a number of boys and girls have confirmed they aren’t that essential today.

The employees on some union run big apartment complex in a new faceless Gold Coast suburb made the call after the 3 drops of rain landed on a tally ho paper.

“Pack it up, off we go,” said one of the $125 an hour tradies who has a couple of wet pay days in the bank.

“We ain’t essential when the weather’s wet,” laughed the essential worker who isn’t one for wearing his mask on sight.

“Time to go and stock up some essentials though,” he said as he walked off the site.

“KFC and Uncle Dan’s. I’ll pick up a case of your Betoota Bitter today.”

As the mass exodus begun, a notable group of blokes stayed back in the very light drizzle.

“Double time in the wet for the concreters, they’ll pack in a couple more hours before calling it.”

“Can’t blame em.”


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