After a week of abhorrent public health messaging from an absent Prime Minister, the growing army of lunatics who think that Bill Gates has created this pandemic to upgrade us with a microchip are starting to feel validated.

Yesterday, the Queensland Government drew a line in the sand and refused to be carry any more blame for the Federal Government’s fourth-world jab roll-out.

This has left Australians wondering how the fuck we fucked up so badly that these anti-science hippies in the Northern Rivers are now self-righteous as ever about their conspiracies.

In the five minutes he has appeared before the media in the last fortnight, Scotty From Marketing announced anyone under the age of 40 can now approach their GP and request the AZ jab, just a couple months after he said experts had recommended they don’t take it, because of the blood clotting fears that he drummed up in the Murdoch papers in an effort to stall his roll-out and shift the blame away from the fact that he didn’t order enough jabs in the first place.

AZ was initially earmarked for Australians over the age of 60, due to the risk of rare blood clotting disorders linked to the this lacklustre Oxford patent that Scotty only ordered because so many of the blue blood toffs in the Liberal Party are so proud of the fact that their dads paid for them to attend the elite British institution of higher learning as a pathway into Federal Politics.

That medical advice, which the Prime Minister is now pretending he didn’t receive, predictably resulted in extreme reluctance from the Baby Boomers, who made it clear they wanted to wait for the less blood-clot-prone jabs that were meant for young people.

Aside from generating fear amongst our most vulnerable, the Prime Minister’s ever-shifting roll-out targets and constantly changing medical precautions have also breathed air into the deranged anti-vax movement – with line-clad influencers from Bondi to Byron now taking to social media for a big fat I-Told-You-So and recruiting thousands more by the day.

The radicalisation of everyday Australians who have rightfully grown skeptical of the Federal overnment has only been accelerated this week after the Queensland government slapped down Morrison’s new makeshift announcements.

Palaszczuk has made it clear that Morrison’s announcement declaring the AZ jab open to under 40s was NOT discussed in the ‘National Cabinet’ meeting, implying it was something he’d said off-the-cuff in his latest marketing ploy.

It was a united front by Palaszczuk, her Deputy and and the Queensland Chief Health Office – as the Premier took a blowtorch to the Murdoch media narrative that that Morrison was delivering in his role as the leader of this country.

With only 5% of the country full dosed up, it will be a very long time until Australia reaches the required 80% threshold required for us to return to ‘normal’.

Until then, Morrison is avoiding the only thing he is good at, and running major ad campaigns encouraging Australians to get their jabs – because he knows even one TV ad will see us run out of the limited supplies we do have.

Until then, these dangerous self-trained naturopaths on Instagram are only growing more popular with the confused and scared Australians who want answers as to why they are being locked down again.


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