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An American tourist currently in Sydney, has today revealed he has yet to order a meal from a menu that isn’t littered with options named after popular African-American rappers from the 1990’s.
Andre, 39, from the famous Queensbridge housing projects in New York City, first thought it was some cruel joke when he arrived in the NSW capital last week.
Having never been to a city so far removed from his native Queens, Andre was at a complete loss as to why he can’t go anywhere without having to pick between the Biggie, The Smalls or the Biggie Smalls. “What the fuck man” he said, bewildered. “They’ve even got it on their coffee cups!”
Andre’s final straw came when he just wanted to do the Aussie thing and have a nice, refreshing arvo beer. “They had a beer called 2Peach Shakur… I just one-eightied, man. What the fuck even is that? Where the Fourex I keep hearing about? I’m going to Cairns, this shit is too weird”
The Betoota Advocate decided that, in the interest of Andres wellbeing, it would be best not to tell him about the bar in Darlinghurst called Big Poppa’s.


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