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A random bloke who has somehow gotten a bait to an intimate bender kick-on has just spent the last twenty minutes telling a story that is purely designed to keep people listening for as long as possible.

The story, which started with a bit of momentum, has spiralled off into a bizarre anecdote with no real punchline or climax.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any form of ending to this yarn at all.

The bloke, who’s name might be like Dan or Dane (?), has already been twice reprimanded for trying to talk about politics and other deep shit like war – so this most recent fuck up marks a third strike.

However, as the sun begins sizzling through the window and the birds begin chirping, Dan (or Dane?) is excused for his behaviour – as it is quite clear that he completely forgot what he was talking about halfway through that piece of shit story.

As the host of the house begins texting his cab driver mate to drop off some more grog, Dan (or Dane?) makes an absolutely abhorrent suggestion to play a drinking game.

“Mate, it’s like six o’clock in the morning and we’ve got a couple tickets enroute. We aren’t playing drinking games. What the fuck?” says the least sympathetic guest, Dixy.

“How old are you?”

Luckily for Dan (or Dane?) all is forgiven once he reveals that he’s about six years younger than everyone else and it becomes clear that he is completely out of his depth.



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