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One of the nation’s highest ski resorts has put their prices back up to normal today just 24 hours after slashing them to entice Australians looking to head over to New Zealand this winter.

However, the Kiwis have dropped the ball again and that special travel bubble hangs in the balance.

Someone who works in hotel quarantine in New Zealand got coughed on by someone sick with the Sydney Sneeze, triggering panic and threats from state and territory leaders to burst the bubble.

In response, Thredbo has laughed as the treasonous upper-middle-class dirtbags come crawling back to them now their fancy little jaunt to the land of pointy hills and seasonal depression is now in serious doubt.

“Form an orderly e-queue,” said one Thredbo marketing executive, the same one from yesterday.

“Guess what? Huh? When you get to the front on the line, we’ll just time our website out and you start again from the back. [laughs] Fuck you. Hey? Don’t even kid yourself about parking your piece of shit car in the Ski Tube carpark and getting on that hunk of junk train and going up to Shitisher Valley. And you don’t want to go to Victoria to ski. Regional Victoria is full of grapes, skinheads, meth and people just trying to get by. Fuck that place,”

“You think Wyalla is a dump? Wait until you see Wangaratta! [laughs] You fucking idiots,”

“Get your fucking credit card out and hope to Christ there’s enough room on it and the payment gateway doesn’t time out,”

“See you soon, you fucking idiots.”

More to come.


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