17 December, 2016. 14:34

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

Making funny faces to himself in the mirror, Glen Turner took in the spaciousness of the disable toilet and smiled. Breathing deeply as he emptied himself on the wall beside the toilet, the 28-year-old office something had never felt as free.

“That’s the service and respect I like to give my most intoxicated patrons,” said publican Ralph Tuxworth. “After a customer downs his or her eleventh schooner of full-strength lager or ale, they’re allowed to use the disabled toilet… because they’re basically disabled anyway.”

Arguing that his accessible restrooms are often underused and unappreciated, Tuxworth explained to The Advocate that he’s seen a great spike in business after implementing the policy.

“Another thing that’s really bumped business along is that I’ve got Youth of the Nation by P.O.D. playing on repeat in the pokie room. It pumps them up. but yeah back to the wheeled dunny, yeah mate, I play Gary Numan’s first album on repeat in there,” he said.

“The hip youth these days love nostalgia and yesteryear and whatnot, so they can enjoy their nose beers with the same soundtrack their parents enjoyed.”

The Lord Queen Hotel in West Betoota is open every day this holiday season, with the exception of Christmas day. Come down and enjoy a fine schooner of heavy, but don’t say we sent you. He’s out for Clancy’s blood at the moment.



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