30 September, 2015. 16:20

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]UTHERLAND Shire Council will fight on the beaches to defend the reputation of the region from the spotlight of a new online webseries.

The Shire’s beaches, parks and other public areas will be no-go areas for the producers of the new television show Streets Of Sydney if the council has its way, that is according to an announcement made earlier this afternoon.

Although the shows producers seem to be laughing in the face of this bold threat, considering the program finished post-production last week, and has already debuted their “Cronulla” installment not even one hour ago. SEE BELOW

In this afternoon’s flash council meeting, mayor Ken Jones stated the council’s opposition to the show after seeing a leaked video promoting it on Facebook.

The video in question shows local Sutherland resident, Sharryd Clayne telling a controversial racist joke. One that has since been seen by over one million people worldwide.

The video suggested that the series were portraying “accurate representations of local subjects from eight different districts in Sydney” – However, local council is very nervous about the racist undertones portrayed by the three chosen residents.

Cr Ken Jones spoke to the Betoota Advocate today, about the damage an accurate portrayal could do to a district like Cronulla and surrounds, a beachside shire that has taken a fair number of knocks over the years.

Streets Of Sydney, Episode One. The Shire

‘‘I see the production as an insult to the people of Sutherland Shire, to local business and to our reputation,’’ He said.

“Sure, we have plenty of racist whites down here. But we also have plenty of Abo’s and Lebs… It’s not a fair portrayal of our area if they only choose to interview the Aussies,”

The mayor will hold urgent talks with the production company to press that the production shows the shire in a positive light.

But the man responsible for the show, Shine Australia production company managing director Nat Camphill described the show more as a ‘‘Australian Story, without all the lefty tripe. It’s honest and real.’’.


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