With his family coming around today, dad’s got a real spring in his step, it can be confirmed.

After being on his best behaviour for mum’s side all day yesterday, he’s preparing to rip in on this glorious, glorious Boxing Day.

Up at a stupidly early time to mill around for a couple of hours before finally putting the BBQ on for brekky, dad’s been dropping one-liners and certified dad chat left right and centre for hours now.

With all his kids back home, and three of the four’s partners joining the festivities, dad’s taken it upon himself to make sure everyone’s been stocked up with grog since well before lunch.

In what’s a clear effort to validate how much he’ll be sinking today, dad’s now taken it upon himself to start making the kids ‘cocktails.’

“Special recipe,” he laughs as he shoves random looking drinks into his kids hands.

“That’s the Simpson Special, the Dark and Stormy,” he continues in reference to the Bundaberg Ginger Beer with some rum and a couple of mint leaves in it.

With his kids laughing at how happy dad is and he’s bold claim that the mixer is a ‘cocktail,’ he doubles down, baiting them.

“That’d set you back 20 bucks in the city,” he laughs.

“And you wouldn’t get mint with actual flavour like I grew out the back.”

As mum starts rolling her eyes he keeps feeding off the reaction.

“Nah it would, bloody Sydney and Brisbane prices you lot, some nice rum and herbs”

“Oh, and don’t forget I got the Bundy ginger beer. None of that Black and Gold stuff. That’s premium mixer.”

Following the latest round of laughing, Dad waddles off somewhere to fiddle around with something out the back before returning for another performance.

More to come.


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