19 January, 2016. 18:23

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Are you the type of red-blooded Australian who enjoys getting up to mischief whenever you get the opportunity to wear a suit?

Do you tend to spill things on yourself when you’re just trying to have a good time?

Does the fear of ruining a good suit or the added cost of dry cleaning spoil your special occasions?

Well fear no more because clothing manufacturer Tarocash has the suit for you.

Debuting their new range of machine-washable suits, “the ‘cash” has one-upped themselves on last year’s effort by keeping to their core message of providing a classy and smart alternative to the everyday Australian.

“Nothing makes a hangover worse than a court date and a ruined suit,” said a Tarocash spokesman. “In the past, it would’ve involved a second trip to Tarocash to pick up another suit for court – but now our new suits let the average punter enjoy peace of mind.”

“Just get the wife to pop it in the wash with your work clothes and it’ll come out good as new.”

Made with 100% organic nylon and lined with genuine leather, the suit pants come complete with an elastic waist and a faux-belt finish.

The interior pocket of the jacket is made-to-measure a 50-pack of Horizon Blues.

“It’s a fool-proof setup,” said the spokesman. “The pants come in one length, but have measurements printed on the fabric, so the customer can simply take a pair of scissors and cut the bottom off the trousers at the desired length.”

“We’ve had more strokes of genius here at Tarocash than Vladamir Lenin had real ones.”

More to come.



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