A local cricketer who is naively optimistic about his ability with bat in hand has spent most of an afternoon/evening knocking in his new bat.

Samuel Thomas, who can loosely be referred to as an all rounder, averaging 9.35 this season, explained to The Advocate that preparation is the key to success.

“This year I am really going to focus on my batting. Really concentrate and work on technique,” said the Betoota Dugongs Reserve Grader who normally bats 6th drop.

“I quite happy with where my bowling is at currently. Cleaned a few scalps up so far this season, but I want to contribute more with the willow, and that starts with my new bat and my new mentality.”

We asked Thomas whether he thought the knocking in would make a difference to his batting.

“Certainly. I spent half my weeks pay on this thing. I don’t wanna lose chunks off the edges. I wanna get the most out of it,” he replied.

Thomas’s girlfriend Kimberly, who is still fuming about the cost of the purchase, told us that she can understand why he is knocking it in.

“Yeah, he needs to knock it in. I watched him play last weekend and I can tell you that he needs as big a fucking sweet spot as he can get, because he made his last bat look like a plastic kanga cricket toy that primary kids use in Milo Cup,” she said.


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