A Sydney plumber has today made an earnest promise to his better half.

The man with another 10 days off work on his hands has promised that he’ll make a start on doing up the second bathroom during the next construction shutdown.

This comes after nearly 2 or 3 years of putting off the job in the place he and his wife to be bought out in Kingswood a couple of years ago for a handy $850,000.

“I swear, next shutdown I’ll do it,” giggles the man to his girlfriend.

The tradie who’s been enjoying a week of rain days as a result of much-maligned Sydney construction shut down said he’s just enjoying trying to enjoy a bit of R and R – with hours of video games, sport and moping around.

“Promise promise promise,” says the man desperately trying to wrap up the conversation as he negates the spiky end of A Call Of Duty game against some random teenagers.

“Fuckkkkkk,” he murmurs.

“No sorry, I was talking to the game.”

“Ah fuck, nah I’m done, I’m done.”

“Nah you know what they say, you always work on other people’s houses and not your own.”

“I’ve moved the lawn like 4 times this week though.”

“That’s something at least aye”


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