It seems that local Ingham resident Raphael Panucci might change his ways after the run Scotty’s been having.

This comes after almost an entire lifetime of voting for the LNP as a small business owner who hates the bloody banca and taxaman more than his grandkids could ever know.

Due to the fact that the only television he has watched in over forty years is A Current Affair and Day Of Our Lives, Ralph has had a fairly skewed view as to what is going on in the country – but after the latest run of Liberal Party failures, even he hasn’t been able to avoid it.

In fact the last time the 87-year-old really tuned in to the national news cycle was when Rupert Murdoch convinced him that Bill Shorten was going to tax him for being old.

But today, he’s officially pissed off at the party that once had his vote locked in.

With 15 million Australians in lockdown and China cutting off Australian exports day by day, it’s become clear to the elderly patriarch that maybe our Prime Minister isn’t cut out for the job.

“Look at this dickahead” Nonno roars to his family members from the living room, while glaring at Scott Morrison bumbling through yet another blame-shifting press conference.

“Can’ta bloody vaccina-nate.”

“Can’ta bloody say sorry”

Nonno sighs and stares and the floor, before officially crossing the bridge into the unknown

“Who is the other man?” he quietly asks his granddaughter.

“Maybe I vote for him”

At time of press, Nonno was official registering as a life member of the Australian Labor Party after being informed of the leader of the opposition’s last name.


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