Sydney man, Evan Evanson (31) experienced his own ‘debbie’ last night.

While deciding to arrive at work yesterday morning with his staple Thurday boat-shoes-chinos-no-socks combo, Evan says that during his commute home, he got a real taste of the natural disaster that has currently been hammering the eastern seaboard.

“I heard Lismore got evacuated last night. I can tell you, we weren’t far off that down in Double Bay” he says, while googling the BOM rainfall index for Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.

“This has been some wild weather. The Bailey Nelsons are tucked securely in the middle compartment of the Golf today. Not going to risk it! [laughter]”

While ensuring that he doesn’t make the same mistake today, Evan has left the house in leather-soled Italian dress boots, a city-friendly oil-canvas Dryz-A-Bone and double stitched Levi – only to discover the sun shining and a sunny forecast expected for the rest of the weekend.

“We’re either in the eye of the storm, or we are experiencing a new pattern” he says.

“I can really see what they were going on about up there in Mackay. It’s fucking wet”


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