For the first time in a long time, a Sydney-based man is excited for a Monday night.

After a few months of lockdown, a Betoota Heights High alumni trapped in the skip bin of the nation says he can’t wait to get down to the park this afternoon.

“Monday night has never looked so good,” explained Brighton Rockdale today.

The cause for excitement comes as outdoor picnics of up to 5 people become legal around most areas of Sydney.

Trialed for the last 3 months in Bondi, people in other parts of Sydney will now be allowed to gather outside with friends and family for recreational purposes.

The move comes as the first stage in the path to opening back up in NSW, with more freedoms expected to come into play around the 18th of October.

“It’s picnic season,” said Rockdale a short time ago.

“Just picking a couple of things up for a cute little picnic with mates now,” explained the young man who is going to binge drink in the park this afternoon and evening.

“Not a bad little charcuterie board aye,” he laughed, referencing the roast chook, coleslaw, and white rolls sitting on his kitchen bench.

“It’s from the Cole region of Southern Victoria that slaw.”

“I don’t even care if it pisses down this evening, I’ll sit in the park until all of our Betoota Bitters are polished off,” he then said.

He then told us he had to quickly finish a couple of things for work before trundling down to his local park for a quaint evening with some mates.

More to come.


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