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A recent survey has found young people don’t care that young people are in hospital with the Pangolin’s Revenge because they don’t really have much optimism for the future.

With Baby Boomers electing to keep on working into their 70s, many young people surveyed say they have next to wage growth or even a clearly defined career path in front of them.

The survey also found that there’s no real feeling of job security among people under 40, nearly all have given up on ever owning a home to live in.

When asked if they had a choice, many respondents said they’d roll the dice on getting kissed by the Pangolin and dying or getting permanently incapacitated by it.

“I don’t really care,” said one respondent.

“We’ve shut the country down to protect the elderly and the immunocompromised. They reckon there’s someone down in Sydney in their 20s who’s in the ICU. Yeah, what if he was already a bit fucked? Like he was born with only one lung? They won’t tell you that, they’ll just try to scare young people into falling into line and obeying them,”

“They should just swing the gate on this Delta and if you die, you die. The economy can’t take it. The workforce needs a bit of a generational clean. I’m sorry but that’s the truth. If that means a few people my age need to die then so be it. That’s just what I think. I don’t even care if it’s me who dies from it,”

“This is the reality for many young people and it’s been fostered by successive Liberal governments, so when they turn around and wonder why young people are so apathetic, they’re apathatic because of the environment you’ve created for them.”

The full survey results are available for download by clicking here.

More to come.


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